About Us

DGT Wireless is the provider of comprehensive telecommunication and IT solutions concentrating on wireless technology. The company designs, develops and manufactures unique products based on CDMA200 EVDO, UMTS/HSPA and GSM/GPRS/EDGE technologies which due to their functionality or product application are not falling into the main stream products category.

DGT Wireless is a division of the DGT Company (www.dgt.com.pl), which develops and integrates the innovative technologies of fast data, video and voice transmission, Internet access, and broadband multimedia services access using traditional media and convergent networks providing the telecommunication solution to Defense industry, Telecommunication Operators and Public Business and Administration. .

DGT Wireless positions itself as a company providing unique and customized solutions to our customers by either customization of an existing product line or development of completely new products according to the client’s requirements..

Most of our products have been developed and manufactured based on the requirements and preferences of our clients. Our company follows the technology and the market trends so in many cases we already have a base prototype product that needs to be customized to accommodate the requirements of clients.

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