• GSM / CDMA2000 450MHz / ETHERNET
  • CLO/RS485/RS232/Eth/LF
  • USB, OPTO for management purposes
  • Remote management system

DGT MTU is a communication module dedicated to bidirectional data transmission with counters. Enhanced functionality enables the module application in the most demanding smart metering solutions, including support for prosumer services in electric power networks.
The DGT MTU module is capable to operate with wide variety of different media meters: electric power, heat, water and in the near future gas. Due to flexible construction, which enables to easily select between different WAN interfaces as well as between counters interfaces, the module can be used in both industrial and residential applications.

The module can operate in transparent mode – enabling transmission between a counter and AMM software or in a buffered mode, in which a module reads data from a counter, stores it and sends to central database by a predefined schedule.
DGT MTU can be equipped with the following interfaces: pulse counter, RS232, RS485, CLO, PLC and Ethernet. All connectors – for counter interfaces, SIM/RUIM card, antenna connectors are protected with a cover which can be sealed. The module communication with AMM software can utilize packet transmission using GPRS, CDMA2000 or Ethernet technology as well as circuit switched transmission (only in case of GSM/GPRS networks). Connection with the module can be established using static IP address in case of packet transmission or using MSISND number in case of circuit switched transmission.
The module case is equipped with diodes which indicate the state of the device and enable simple module diagnosis without necessity to use additional tools. The module supports IEC- 62056-21, DLMS protocols and has the ability to implement counters proprietary protocols.

The DGT MTU module can be managed locally or remotely. Local management is carried out using a PC computer connected via USB or optical interface. When using USB interface to connect DGT MTU to PC there is no need for external power supply – the module can be powered by USB interface. The management application has the following functionalities:

  • device diagnosis – (among others: RSSI signal level, interface status, BTS stations in module range, connected BTS station)
  • GSM/CDMA parameters configuration (APN, allowed frequency, preferable frequency)
  • configuration to file storage, reading configuration from a file
  • firmware upgrade capability
WAN – available options:

  • GSM/GPRS, packet, circuit switched connection
  • CDMA2000
  • Ethernet

Available counters interfaces:

  • RS232 – 1 counter connected
  • RS485 – up to 31 counters connected
  • CLO – up to 4 counters connected
  • pulse counter
  • Ethernet
  • PLC
  • ZigBee

Protocols supported:

  • DLMS,
  • IEC-62056-21
  • capability to implement proprietary counters protocols.

Other interfaces

  • female SMA antenna socket
  • SIM/RIUM card socket
  • USB
  • OPTO interface

Antennas: external antenna 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz (option) or external antenna 450 MHz (option)

LED indicators

  • power indicator
  • GSM/CDMA network signal strength
  • active connection (packet or circuit switched) indicator
  • active counter interface indicator

General parameters

  • TH-35 rail mounted rail
  • IP 51
  • 110,8 x 83,0 x 106,0 mm
  • Supply voltage: 230V, built-in power supply
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