DGT Terminal Management System

DGT TMS ( Terminal Management System) offers a remote management of the operator’s subscriber GSM/UMTS/CDMA terminals.

Equipment tracking, remote configuration changes, software updates, diagnostic and identification  process of the alarms sent to the TMS are the main features of the system.


Cost Savings Benefits
The remote management of the existing routers in the operator’s network allows for significant reduction in the service and the device operational costs to the operators and helps to provide an efficient and timely support of the subscribers at the same time. The additional features like group terminal management or advance filtration are the key to efficient management of different types of operator’s devices.

The remote management is based on the information exchange between terminal and the TM system. The central management system sends messages in a command type structure to the terminals in order to perform the following information:

  • confiuration retrieval 
  • configuration upload
  • software upgrades
  • new terminal registration
  • terminal restart


In case of the equipment failure the TMS offers a remote diagnostic of the system and terminal and detection of a problem including short circuit, line overloading, battery status , RSSL signal level , Bit Error Ratio (BER) number of alarms generated and the time since the last terminal's login to the system.

TMS Operation
The Central System management takes place through the System Maintenance Terminal which can be started from any PC connected to the main OMC server through the LAN network. This configuration allows a group of people to use the system at the same using different predefined granted access privileges.

Based on the fact that all the system operations are logged, the system can generate a number of different reports about:Requests sent to the terminals

  • Status of the requests

  • data import to the system including subscriber’s data



 For more information:  download DGT Terminal Management System Catalog Card


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